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Powerpointillismus ist Plagiarismus, sagt Website
Dirk Schmidtke vom 04.02.2005 18:55 Uhr
Ein Nachtrag: "Hilmar Schmundt, science editor at German news magazine Der Spiegel, may have to return an award", heißt es auf der Website eines gewissen "Germany-USA Career Centers". Und weiter:

"Critics of the magazine have long accused it of cultivating cross-border plagiarism, based on lax German copyright laws, questionable journalistic standards and a simple - if ethically questionable - calculation: Taking quotes from U.S.-based journalists and incorporating them - translated, of course - into a German story, without crediting the source, is not really stealing, or is it?"

Den Link dazu sandte uns ein Leser per Email. Danke.'s%20News%20in%20Business.shtml
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